About Us

Brittany & Whitney

Hey Y'all! 

​Welcome to our Blog.

​We look alike, sound alike and travel 24/7 with work SO... that's how we got the name "BritWhit".

​We love to read and maybe drink a beer or two (best inspiration since 2007!) A lot of people say we are not like many other girls. We are very chill and just love to have a good time. We absolutely LOVE FOOTBALL! (GO JAGS!!)  

Anyways... We are here to talk about life. Life throws us so many curves, whether we are ready for them or not. Life is never calm.

HELLO... between relationships, kids, work, meetings, birthday parties, spreadsheets OHHH... did we mention meetings? 

About Us


We want to say Thank You to all of our life struggles, failures and mistakes in life. If it wasn't for all of the mishaps, we wouldn't be here today. 

#1 God. THANK YOU! 

We decided to start a blog because we work NON-STOP! We also have our own homes, kids, relationships, bills and a LIFE!

What keeps us going is the Love and Strength we have for each other. Though we may not be sisters... We love each other as if tomorrow never comes. 

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